Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Elva de Bolivia

present, preterite

Bueno, me llamo Elva Vidal de Montenegro, así como se dice en Sud América.
[¿y usted dónde nací*?(nació)]     Nací en Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Cochabama, Bolivia en Los Andes

como se dice: as is said
Elva (first name) 
Vidal (father's last name) 
de Montenegro (husband's last name)
nací: I was born (nacío: you were born)
   *student confused yo/ud forms but Elva understood.
Try writing your mother's name in the format that Elva uses.

In some Spanish speaking countries a person's name is written with the married name first, followed by the parent's family name.
Example: Elva Montenegro Vidal
This form can be abbreviated as Elva Montenegro V.

Children of the family keep both last names.
Sara Montenegro Vidal, Sara Montenegro V.
Saúl Montenegro Vidal, Saúl Montenegro V.

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